Step-by-Step Guide

  • First, get comfortable with your fiancé and start our questionnaire. Begin the easy-to-follow steps to fill out your prenup and get our lawyers the information necessary.

  • After you have completed our Prenup Questionnaire make sure all your information is final and then proceed with the purchase.

  • One of our lawyers will now create your Prenup. Our crafted process identifies any issues or inconsistencies between both partners and if necessary, one of our lawyers will contact you for any clarification. However, our questionnaire is very advanced and our lawyers rarely need to contact you for more information. Your Prenup will be completed within the next 1-3 business days! Yes, we are really that fast.

  • After you receive your prenup you will need to get it notarized. This just confirms your identity and that you are the person on the prenuptial agreement. You have to show your id and sign the prenup in front of a witness. You can get this done at any bank for free. We will send you in-depth directions for this with your prenuptial agreement.

  • Get back to planning your big day! Yes, thats it and you can celebrate now because you are all done!