About Us

Chicago's first and only online prenuptial agreement platform.

  • PrenupChicago's CEO, Nikola Hrisova is an Illinois licensed divorce attorney. She handles countless contested divorces and based on her experience she is the biggest advocate for pre-nuptial agreements.

    During her years of work she experienced first-hand all the stress and financial burden that her clients endure due to highly contested divorce proceedings, which could be easily eliminated with a simple pre-nuptial agreement.

    There are many reasons why people forgo getting a pre-nuptial agreement. The time and perplexity of the prenup were both obstacles she wanted to rectify.

    Prenuptial agreements are most often done in a lawyer's office. Most people are not very comfortable in that space and usually won't speak up on something they don't understand or agree with. She realized, when everything was done online in the comfort of the couple's home, both partners were much happier and less confused about the prenuptial agreement after it was completed.

    This is the future of prenuptial agreements and with us, you will always have a lawyer to talk to about any questions you might have.