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  • Daniel & Ashley

    I am very shy in front of strangers so even though, I was always in favor of getting a prenup, I was terrified to go to some random lawyer's office and try to state my claims and the anxiety I experienced was simply overwhelming. I am extremely comfortable with my hubby so it was easy to talk everything through with him and complete this process fully online. Highly reccomend this service!

    - Ashley

  • Karolina & Jason

    The traditional prenup process did not work for me and Karolina. We have always agreed on getting a prenup, but we did not realize the process would take so long. If we went the traditional route we wouldn't have gotten our prenup in time. We could have gotten one of those "postnuptial agreements" after our marriage, but I've heard those don't work nearly as well. I'm glad Karolina found this website for us and the process was extremely quick and simple.

    - Jason

  • Glen & Isabella

    The lawyers here really know their stuff! My husband is a lawyer and he said this prenup questionnaire is one of the best and most thorough that he's seen. We loved how simple and easy to follow everything was. The money we saved was nice too ;)

    - Isabella

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Why Us?

PrenupChicago's CEO, Nikola Hrisova has handled countless prenups during her years working in the family law field.

During her years of work she noticed that for many couples, it is very challenging to get a prenuptial agreement for their relationship even though they would like one.

The time and perplexity of the prenup were both obstacles she wanted to rectify.

Prenuptial agreements are most often done in a lawyer's office. Most people are not very comfortable in that space and usually won't speak up on something they don't understand or agree with. She realized, when everything was done online in the comfort of the couple's home, both partners were much happier and less confused about the prenuptial agreement after it was completed.

This is the future of prenuptial agreements and with us, you will always have a lawyer to talk to about any questions you might have.

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